The Search for North Grenville's Best Cookie!

The blog you’ve been waiting for—a search for the best cookie in North Grenville. We went to five businesses and ordered up their finest chocolate chip cookie. Judges then completed a scorecard with categories for texture, flavour, appearance, and “mom factor”. Mom factor is that je ne sais quoi that can be found in every mom’s cookie — it’s just a feeling. See the results and winner below!

Brewed Awakenings
When you enter Brewed Awakenings you almost miss the chocolate chip cookies, because there is so much to choose from! Their chocolate chip cookie was a generous size. Bonus: they have heart chocolate chip cookies whose proceeds go to a different charity each month!
Judges’ Comments: “Soft to the touch!” “Very sweet, extra vanilla perhaps?”
Top category: Flavour

Crusty Baker 
Contrary to the first entry, when you walk into Crusty Baker you cannot miss the chocolate chip cookies because they are SO HUGE!  True to their name, these cookies were magically crusty on the outer edge and soft, and gooey in the middle.
Judges’ Comments: “This cookie is the size of my head!”
Top category: Flavour

The display of goods at Geronimo makes the treats look all the more appetizing.  Get their chocolate chip cookie to go or stay and enjoy the quaint atmosphere.
Judges’ Comments: “So chocolatey!”
Top category: Mom Factor – with a perfect score in the category!

Grahame’s Bakery
Knowing this bakery has been in operation since 1885, we knew they would have their chocolate chip cookie down pat. And we weren’t disappointed.
Judges’ Comments: “If you look up perfection in the dictionary, you’ll find the smell of Grahame’s Bakery.”
Top category: Mom Factor

Shelley’s Kitchen
Our only contestant not located in Kemptville, this cookie is worth the (short) drive. While we were on a mission for cookies, we couldn’t help notice their selection of muffin tops — the best part of the muffin!
Judges’ Comments: “Perfect mix of soft and crunchy!” “Do I detect a hint of cinnamon?”
Top category: Appearance

After tallying up the points it was a very tight race, but the winner, winning by a nose, is…DRUMROLL…


All five cookies were within three points of the first place spot. With it being that close, you know no matter where you stop in North Grenville, you are going to get a good cookie!

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