S.S. No. 3 (1847)


527 Clothier Street West

Statement of Cultural Heritage Value

The site of the former School S.S. No. 3, is being designated as being of historical value.  This building was erected in 1847.  The first teacher at the school was Mr. John Conn.  It is one of the earliest remaining schoolhouses in the Municipality.  Students were educated in the school until 1881, when a newer school was constructed to a short distance to the west.  This property was then sold for $105.

The original building was rectangular in form with a gable roof.  It was built of cut coursed limestone, which was covered over with stucco in the mid twentieth century.  It has recently been renovated and modern siding has now been installed over the stucco finish.  The original form of the building can still be discerned, despite being completely covered in modern cladding.

There is a centered doorway in the middle of the long (front) wall, which was the location of the original entrance of the school.  Portions of the original stonework, which were exposed during recent renovations, revealed cut stone voussoirs forming the flat arch over the windows.  A new addition was added to the rear of the building in 2011.

This former school played an integral role in the education of children in North Grenville.  Although it resembles little of the original school, it is an important piece of history of the education within this community.  This designation is for historical purposes and does not include the architectural elements of the structure.

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