S.S. No. 3 (1881)


535 Clothier Street West

Statement of Cultural Heritage Value

The property located at 535 Clothier Street West, is being designated as being of historical and architectural value. The school was constructed in 1881 to replace the previous S.S. No. 3 (located just to the east). It was erected on land purchased from Mr. George Keating and was built by Mr. Thomas Longway. The blueprint for the school was provided by an architect named Mr. Wilson for a cost of$700.

The inspector of Grenville County at this time was Rev. George Blair of Prescott. The first Trustee Board consisted of Messrs. George Keating, John Dickinson and John Conn (who was the first teacher at the original school in 1847). The first teacher in the new school was Mr. Frank Harris who was engaged at an annual salary of$300. The first caretaker was Mr. Foster Powell at an annual wage of$3. 1n 1935 the annual wage was $35.

In the Fall of 1934, this school was visited by the Assistant Inspector of Auxiliary Classes with
the object of ascertaining the need of starting an auxiliary unit for training handicapped children. The necessary equipment was purchased at an approximate cost of $40. The work was carried out by the teacher in charge, Miss E. Caldwell. Fourteen pupils began the auxiliary work in February of that year.

Architectural Significance

The schoolhouse at 535 Clothier Street West was built in 1881. It is a rectangular, temple-front building with a gable roof and portico. It is constructed of locally made red brick. It has marl brick details on the corners (quoins) and originally had marl brick detailing over the windows and door. The original marble date stone is still in place above the original portico. The inscription on the date stone reads "S.S. No. 3 1881 ". The rosette window with marl brick surround still remains in the gable over the front portico. The foundation was constructed of cut, coarsed limestone. The window sills were made of bush-hammered cut limestone. The font steps, while being narrowed since 1881, are still the same cut limestone.

The original chimneys have been removed from both ends of the school. Also, all the keystone arches and marl brick detail around the windows have been removed and replaced with red brick. The arch over the front door and the transom and door itself, have all been replaced. The original roof has been replaced with asphalt shingles. Dormer windows have been added to the gable roof(two on the east and one on the west).

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